International Students Tuition Fee

As an International Student you will be required to pay international student tuition fees that covers the cost of teaching, student support services, training resources and access to our first-class facilities. Details of tuition fees are provided in the International Student Prospectus and when you enquire about a course.

Initially, an Enrolment Application Fee of AUD $200 must accompany all enrolment applications. You will also be required to pay a tuition fee deposit when you accept an offer of admission. After enrolment, you will be invoiced for the balance of your fees for the enrolment period.

Course tuition fees do not include the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), Student Amenities Fees (that range from AUD $45 – $245 per course), books, equipment hire costs or other materials required to undertake the course. These are added expenses that you will be required to pay for in addition to you Tuition Fees.

*Pragmatic Education Group may adjust course tuition fees at the beginning of each calendar year to take into account increases in course delivery costs.